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Creative Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Ideas Nov 12, 2013 »

One of the favorite moments for many wedding guests is seeing the Flower Girl & Ring Bearer totter down the aisle. Awwww aren’t they darling! She’s carrying a basket & tossing petals & he has a pillow with the rings.

Haven’t we all seen this SO many times? Let’s get creative here!!

The flower girl can carry a small tussy mussy bouquet, a pomander (also known as a kissing ball), a sweet vintage wooden box with petals mixed with dried herbs       (herbs were the first form of…

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Baby's Breath coming back, with a vintage vengeance! Aug 12, 2013 »

What’s old is new again, Vintage is in!! SO many brides want a “Vintage Chic” wedding.  Baby’s Breath has made a major come back! At first I resisted, but now I’m starting to see the beauty in it. The variety makes all the difference. There are new varieties of Gypsophila AKA Baby’s Breath (florists often call it Gyp for short) like “New Love” and “Overtime” that have bigger, fuller blooms. It’s not your Granny’s Gyp!  It’s also fairly cost effective, and you can’t…

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Boutonnieres with Style! Jul 24, 2013 »

Tired of the plain old rose boutonniere? Looking for something different, something unique as he is? It seems like people tend to put less thought into the boutonnieres, “he doesn’t want to wear a flower anyway.” Well jazz that baby up! Your groom's got style, his boutonniere should too! I love the addition of trinkets & tokens to flowers to help give them meaning and express little bits of yourself and your interests. You want your bridal bouquet to reflect your personality; your man…

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Wedding Budget Tips & Tricks Jul 18, 2013 »

Are you concerned about your wedding budget? It’s ok, everyone is! In my 13 years as a florist, I have never had someone come to me and say “the sky is the limit, go crazy!” We are constantly looking for ways to help our brides to make the most out of their floral budget. Here is a few of our tips and tricks:

*Be flexible on your flower choices: If you have your heart set on an entire wedding of calla lilies & orchids, you have really good taste, but get ready for a big price tag! We at…

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Wrist vs. Pin-on Corsages Jul 17, 2013 »

Boutonnieres & corsages are meant to honor the important people at your wedding. Like the family members that have put up with you your whole life, not to mention through the painful wedding planning process! It’s a small token to say “Thank you for not slapping me when I went off for 30 minutes on the difference between the colors Blush & Bashful.”

So how do you decide between a wrist or pin-on corsage for the ladies? I think it’s mostly a generational thing. The older generation is…

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