Baby's Breath, Back with a Vintage Vengance!

Baby's Breath coming back, with a vintage vengeance!

What’s old is new again, Vintage is in!! SO many brides want a “Vintage Chic” wedding.  Baby’s Breath has made a major come back! At first I resisted, but now I’m starting to see the beauty in it. The variety makes all the difference. There are new varieties of Gypsophila AKA Baby’s Breath (florists often call it Gyp for short) like “New Love” and “Overtime” that have bigger, fuller blooms. It’s not your Granny’s Gyp!  It’s also fairly cost effective, and you can’t hate that!

Bouquets made solely of a lush grouping of Baby's Breath can be decorated with a lace ribbon collar, jazz it up with a funky wire cage or just a few flowers tucked in make a lovely statement.  Little bundles of Gyp with rosemary and twine make for classy boutonnieres. All Baby’s Breath pomander balls for the flower girl to carry or as aisle markers are sweet and delicate. Oh and don’t forget the ever-requested mason jar. Centerpieces of large glass vases with a bushel of baby’s breath and curly willow extending up for height make big impact on a small budget! There are so many ways to use Gyp to achieve the vintage look, the possibilities are endless. Come in for a complementary consultation and brain storm with us.

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