Boutonnieres with personality

Boutonnieres with Style!

Tired of the plain old rose boutonniere? Looking for something different, something unique as he is? It seems like people tend to put less thought into the boutonnieres, “he doesn’t want to wear a flower anyway.” Well jazz that baby up! Your groom's got style, his boutonniere should too! I love the addition of trinkets & tokens to flowers to help give them meaning and express little bits of yourself and your interests. You want your bridal bouquet to reflect your personality; your man deserves the same right?

Is he a hunter? How about a shotgun shell! A fisher, add a fancy fishing lure. A smartypants computer guy, think computer chips. A golf pro, go with the addition of a golf tee or two. We’ve done all these and more. Your imagination is the limit…..I can make it happen, that’s why they call me the Floral Ninja.

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