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Wedding Budget Tips & Tricks

Are you concerned about your wedding budget? It’s ok, everyone is! In my 13 years as a florist, I have never had someone come to me and say “the sky is the limit, go crazy!” We are constantly looking for ways to help our brides to make the most out of their floral budget. Here is a few of our tips and tricks:

*Be flexible on your flower choices: If you have your heart set on an entire wedding of calla lilies & orchids, you have really good taste, but get ready for a big price tag! We at ParkCrest Floral have years of experience and a vast knowledge of flowers. We are able and WILLING to make suggestions of flower substitutions to help cut down your cost but still keep the overall look you desire.

*Re-use flowers wherever possible: Re-use the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquet as guest table centerpieces or on the headtable. Using the ever-popular hanging mason jar arrangements for aisle markers? Reuse those for guest table centerpieces or to decorate the cake, buffet, or sign in tables or in the restrooms. Large altar arrangements from the ceremony also make fantastic food or buffet table pieces.

*Rent glassware & other decorative items: lots of brides get super excited & start buying random stuff right off. They come to us with giant pieces of glass, the afore mentioned mason jars that they have already purchased, or the vintage budvases & jars they have spent the last 3 months scouring every estate sale for just “to save money.” What are you going to do with 150 pillar candles & cylinder vases, or 50 budvases after your wedding? We have all that stuff already ladies & we’ll rent it too you!

Just talk to your florist: don’t be afraid to ask for ideas to help save money. A good designer will have the creative skills to help you achieve your vision and not blow your budget.

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