Creative Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Ideas

Creative Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Ideas

One of the favorite moments for many wedding guests is seeing the Flower Girl & Ring Bearer totter down the aisle. Awwww aren’t they darling! She’s carrying a basket & tossing petals & he has a pillow with the rings.

Haven’t we all seen this SO many times? Let’s get creative here!!

The flower girl can carry a small tussy mussy bouquet, a pomander (also known as a kissing ball), a sweet vintage wooden box with petals mixed with dried herbs       (herbs were the first form of wedding flowers, certain herbs were carried for certain desires like luck, fertility and wealth). You can adorn her lovely locks with a halo of flowers. Two little girls walking together with a garland of greenery and flowers held between them make an adorable pair, maybe with a cute sign that reads “here comes the bride.”

The ring bearer can hold almost anything you could attach rings to (sometimes it’s the actual rings, sometimes decoys. I personally prefer the decoy I am not brave enough to put such important jewelry into a young child’s hands. You never know what could happen!) A small box, I’ve seen adorable pottery dishes with lovey sayings, a book or bible  bound with ribbon, a tiny hay bail, or a tree slice, a decorative jewelry box OH SO MANY OPTONS!

My favorite of course…. the ring bear of the furry, four legged variety! 

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