Wrist vs. Pin-on Corsages
Snow White

Wrist vs. Pin-on Corsages

Boutonnieres & corsages are meant to honor the important people at your wedding. Like the family members that have put up with you your whole life, not to mention through the painful wedding planning process! It’s a small token to say “Thank you for not slapping me when I went off for 30 minutes on the difference between the colors Blush & Bashful.”

So how do you decide between a wrist or pin-on corsage for the ladies? I think it’s mostly a generational thing. The older generation is used to pin-on corsages, while younger generations tend to prefer wrist corsages. Martha likes to go by the following rule of thumb: Does your Grandmother wear pantyhose even when it’s 100 degrees outside? If so then she will prefer a pin-on! I prefer wrist corsages for one simple reason: it’s a wedding everyone will be hugging everyone! A shoulder corsage has the potential of getting crushed.  Also take into consideration what the ladies might be wearing, there has to be something to pin it too! Obviously if they might be in sleeveless gown it’s not gonna work out.

So with all that said…. Here is what we see the most:

Grandmothers –pin-ons,

Most everyone else- wrist

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