Christmas Plants and Pretty Flowers to Send this Holiday Season

Christmas is an auspicious day to spend with your loved ones and make them feel special, regardless of whether they are celebrating the festival with you or not.

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Merely listening to the word ‘Christmas’ brings a great sense of joy, zeal, and euphoria in the air. It is an auspicious day to spend with your loved ones and make them feel special, regardless of whether they are celebrating the festival with you or not.

Well, talking about feeling special, what's better than some fragrant Christmas flowers or idyllic Christmas plants?

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Let's have a look at some alluring Christmas blooms that you can send this holiday season to your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else you love.

  • Poinsettias

Poinsettias are considered to be official Christmas flowers and we don't see any reason to believe otherwise. These ravishing flowers are generally found in red and green hues and feature various patterns. It is a great gift to keep in office cabins, dining tables, or preferably anywhere indoors.

  • Snowball Hydrangea

While hydrangeas are generally considered to be summer or spring blooms, Snowball Hydrangeas are an incredible choice for Christmas flowers. Their blooms seem to be covered with snow and hence, the word ‘snowball’ is used with these elegant flowers.

  • Paperwhites

One can never go wrong with Paperwhites! When talking about Christmas gifts, these luxurious blooms are among the most thoughtful picks. Their white flowers also resemble a bit like snow, giving them an exquisite winter touch. It is also pretty simple to grow them and take care of them.

  • Glory-Of-The-Snow

If you have never heard of these flowers before, we are certain that you must be stunned by the uniqueness of their name. These flowers are called so because of their glorious appearance during the last snows of the winter season. They make a stunning Christmas gift that you can give to anyone you love and care for.

  • Amaryllis

The Amaryllis is a popular name that pops up in almost everyone's head when talking about some graceful Christmas blooms. They are an excellent gift that can add a great sense of elegance and liveliness to any setting. Their vibrant display will constantly remind your loved ones of your special gesture.

  • Azalea

Azalea flowers are highly appreciated when given as Christmas gifts. They are also pretty long-lasting and simple to grow. Their graceful blooms signify softness, temperance, and femininity.

  • Cyclamen

Cyclamen flowers come from the species of blooms that are more or less lifeless during summers. This implies that they are a true Winter Flower and hence, a great choice for Christmas blooms. When you give these to your dear ones, they are assured to create a huge impact with their rich and lively blooms.

  • Juniper Berries

While holly and mistletoe are specifically associated with the festive season, it would be fair to say that juniper berries are more or less just like them. It is an excellent choice of gift that looks great in bouquets, wreaths, or any other floral arrangements for Christmas.

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