What Is The Flower For Summer Weddings?

Summer flowers work well in all kinds of bouquets and wedding flower arrangements. here is the list of popular flower for summer weddings in Austin TX.

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June is the season of summer, and summer weddings are all about some unique celebration and lots of fun. With a pleasingly warm temperature, June is a month of stunning freshly bloomed summer flowers. Flowers that are vibrant, bright, cheerful and lively, it can be a difficult task to pick the right ones for the wedding. Here is a list from Parkcrest floral, Austin Texas Florist that will make your job easy.

List of Popular Flower For Summer Weddings

Roses: These forever favorite flowers are a must for weddings. Roses work well in all kinds of bouquets and wedding flower arrangements. Roses come in various shapes and subtypes and you will surely find the one for your theme. Roses signify love and passion; both of these emotions are central to a wedding ceremony.

Carnations: Another commonly spotted flower, carnations some in various colors pink, hot pink, red and white. Carnations are dear to women especially because of their pretty appearance and delicate petals arranged like a maze one after another. Get a bouquet of carnations or add mini ones to your bouquet with wedding florist Austin TX.

Gardenia: A classic white, garnedia are a lovely ornamental flower. This flower is great for a minimal wedding as the flower is big with opened up fluffy petals. You can match the groom with this flower. This makes a great pick for a greenhouse kind of venue.

Delphinium: These tall colorful flowers with blooms arged one after the other on both sides work great as a pop of color and a filler flower. You can go with delphinium for your waterfall bouquet or for a wildflower carefree look.

Hydrangeas: Another fluffy one, hydrangea, has magical clusters of blooms all over. These flowers are great by themselves as well. Hydrangeas come in all shades of pastel like pink, blue, and even lime green. Hydrangeas look great in a symmetrical dome shaped bouquet.

Dahlias: A round symmetrical flower with petals that look like an optical illusion from up top. This summer flower is a great and unique option for weddings. Dahlias generally are not seen by just themselves but as an add on to a bohemian aesthetic wedding or just for an unusual pop of color.

Sunflowers: These summer staples are a good option for bohemian and true summer weddings., This flower here justifies summer wedding in true sense. A Sunflowers generally have a lot of color hence they look great by themselves and won't let beholder look away.

Daisies: Another summer exclusive. Daisies have 200 plus sub types and with so much variety you will definitely be able to find the one. Daisies are generally small in size so these work well as supplementary filer flowers. You can go with a basket full of daisies or gerbera daisies for a heavier look.

Orchids: Tall and just amazing, orchids and truly elegant. And these will work great in a waterfall bouquet and give it more dimension and length. Not just that but orchids also come in white, yellow and purple. Orchids also work great as center table decor pieces.

This summer wedding season let flowers do the job for you. Flowers that will make any occasion stand out. Now you can also send congratulation flower delivery in Austin.

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