What Is The Birth Flower For July And Its Meaning?

The official birth flower for July are larkspurs and Water Lily. July Birth Flower a symbol of rebirth and enlightenment.

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For ages and ages, flowers have been associated with distinct meanings and symbolism. On top of that, birth flowers are even more special as they represent the months of the year. For those fortunate enough to be born in July, the official birth flowers are the cheerful Larkspur and the soothing Water Lily. Let us learn more about these Summer flowers and uncover their captivating meanings.

July Birth Flower And Its Symbolism


The scientific name of the first July birthday flower is Delphinium. Larkspur is an outstanding flower that can be found in a range of enchanting shades including purple, blue, white, and pink. The structure of its bud is similar to the shape of a lark’s head and that is why it is called Larkspur. It is recognized for its unique, long, and elegant spikes that are hard to not admire. It's also one of the beloved choices among nature enthusiasts and florists. The rich significance of Larkspur makes it a marvelous choice for birthday flower arrangements and other special occasions.

Larkspur Flower Symbolism

The July birth flower, Larkspur, is known to carry various meanings. It represents love, strong bonds, an open heart, and a desire for happiness and laughter. With its visually appealing appearance, it's a symbol of lightness, spirit, and joy. This flower carries a lighthearted and carefree meaning which serves as a reminder for us to embrace the pleasures of life. Larkspur, the birthday flower for July, conveys a message of cherishing every moment.

Apart from its cheerful significance, this July birth flower also has cultural and historical significance associated with them. According to Greek mythology, it was believed that Ajax, the Trojan War hero, helped in blossoming this flower with his blood. This is why Larkspur carries meanings of strong bonds, remembrance, and faithfulness.

Water Lily

Water Lily, also known as Nymphaea, is another exquisite birth flower associated with July. With its contrasting yet mesmerizing display, Water Lily is normally found in serene water bodies like lakes and ponds. It offers a captivating presence owing to its floating structure and delicate petals. You can find it in beautiful shades of pink, white, blue, and yellow. With its soothing allure and rich significance, this marine beauty is cherished across various cultures around the globe. If you want this birthday flower in Austin TX, you can order online from Park Crest Floral.

Water Lily Flower Symbolism

Water Lily is considered to be a symbol of rebirth, purity, innocence, and enlightenment. It has the power to rise from the abyss of gloomy waters and flourish with a pristine appearance. This makes Water Lily a powerful flower and the epitome of spiritual awakening. Both Hindu and Buddhist traditions consider Water Lily to carry sacred meanings. It is known to represent transformation, grace, divinity, and enlightenment. The delicate blooms, while floating peacefully, convey inner peace and tranquility.

The symbolism of Water Lily also extends beyond spirituality. The floating buds are considered to represent stability between the conscious and subconscious. It seeks to remind us to seek harmony and peace within our minds. This July birth flower embraces spirituality, and personal growth, and inspires us to exhale all the negativity.

Whether it's a loved one’s birthday in July or you simply wish to convey heartfelt feelings, Larkspur and Water Lily make a unique and thoughtful choice. One offers vibrant hues while the other is a symbol of serenity. Choose what suits your preferences the best and make the month of July special for your loved one! For a super quick and convenient Austin TX flower delivery, order flowers online from Park Crest Floral.

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