Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers for the Love of Your Life

Rose flowers in general represent love, loyalty, romance, and similar feelings and emotions. check the list of popular valentine’s day flowers for the love of your life.

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When it comes to choosing Valentine’s Day flowers for celebrating the day of love with your partner, there are no hard and fast rules of flower selection. Yet, traditionally, a few flowers have been associated with love and romance more than the others. if you want to make your floral gift more meaningful, then picking flower from the list given below will be a good move. And if you’re in search of online Austin flower shop, you’re in the right place! parkcrestfloral.com is your go-to florist for Valentine’s Day flowers, and all other floral needs. Check their collection now!

Popular Romantic Flower for Valentine’s Day

  1. Rose

Rose is the most popular flower in the world, and red roses are considered to be the official Valentine’s Day flowers. Rose flowers in general represent love, loyalty, romance, and similar feelings and emotions. Besides, they are one of the prettiest flowers with a heavenly fragrance. This is why the reputation of roses is unbeatable even after so many centuries. For Valentine’s Day, apart from red roses, you can also go with white, pink, or yellow ones.

1. Orchid

    Orchids are one of the current favorites of our country, and its population is pretty newly established. Orchids look amazing and come in so many varieties, including different shapes, sizes, and colors. Orchids stay fresh as cut flowers for a really long time, and so, in spite of being on the pricier side, they provide excellent value for money. these are some of the reasons why Orchids are a great choice for Valentine’s Day. Looking for online stores to get same day flower delivery in Austin? Head to parkcrestfloral.com now and get ordering!

    2. Tulip

      Tulips happen to have traditional associations with romance and love, just like roses. Tulips symbolize intense and true love, loyalty, romance, and affection. For Valentine’s Day, choosing a mixed color tulip bouquet, or going with pink or red tulips will be ideal.

      3. Peony

        Peonies are amazingly pretty and delicate flowers that can instantly brighten up the room they’re put in. the pastel pink delicate flowers represent femininity, affection, love, and elegance. A bunch of peonies on their own, or mixed with rose, lily, or carnation will make a great Valentine’s Day bouquet.

        4. Ranunculus

          If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then go with ranunculus. These flowers come in so many colors and varieties, and give tough competitions to roses or peonies when it comes to their beauty and grace. White and pink ranunculus flowers are the best choices for a romantic love flower arrangement.

          5. Daffodil

            Daffodils are summer flowers that can spark up the whole room with their mere presence. If you’re bored with traditional reds and pinks, daffodils will be a welcome change. These white bulbous flowers with a bright yellow core represent new beginnings, friendship, loyalty, and everlasting love- in short, a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

            6. Casablanca Lily

              White flowers are amazingly beautiful and meaningful too. So, for Valentine’s Day, our final pick is the Casa blanca lily. These pristine flowers represent hope, happiness, spirituality, and a special connection between two people. Traditionally, you gift white flowers to your partner only if you want to say “you are my soulmate”! Now isn’t that romantic? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and surprise your loved ones!

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