Significance of Birth Month Flower

Birth month flowers have deep meanings behind them. know the Significance of Birth Month Flower and Gifting someone their birth month flower is a very thoughtful gesture.

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Flowers were used as a means of communication before email, texting, and phone calls. Floriography – the language of flowers, was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Even now, communicating with Austin Birthday flowers is considered deep and meaningful.

Birth month flowers have deep meanings behind them.

January Birth Flower

Snowdrop and carnation are January’s birth flowers. Carnation, also called gillyflower, can bloom in cold winters above freezing temperatures. They signify love, admiration, and distinction.

Snowdrop grows between January and March and symbolizes rebirth and hope.

February Birth Flower

Primrose and violet are February’s birth flowers. Violet signifies virtue, modesty, and faithfulness. A bouquet of violets was regarded as a token of loyalty, thoughtfulness, and dependability in the Victorian age.

Primrose, a pale yellow perennial, symbolizes young love and is a perfect gift for your significant other.

March Birth Flower

Daffodil, a cheerful yellow flower, is this month’s birth flower. Daffodils represent the first month of spring and symbolize unparalleled love.

April Birth Flower

This month’s birth flowers are the sweet pea and the daisy. Sweet peas represent blissful pleasure whereas daisies signify innocence, true love, and purity. You can also gift daisies to express your undying love.

May Birth Flower

Hawthorn and Lily of the valley are May’s birth flowers. White blossoms of Lily of the valley are a symbol of humility, motherhood, and sweetness. Hawthorn flowers are small and white or pink.

June Birth Flower

Honeysuckle and rose are this month’s birth flowers. Different colored roses have different meanings, but in all, they are considered to be a symbol of love and devotion. Honeysuckle flowers bloom on flowering vines or shrubs and attract butterflies.

July Birth Flower

The larkspur and water lily are July’s birth flowers. Larkspurs come in a variety of vibrant colors, each color bearing a different meaning. In general, larkspurs signify love and positivity. Water lilies symbolize rebirth or purity.

August Birth Flower

August’s birth flower, the gladiolus, is significant to sincerity, character, and remembrance. Another flower is the bright red poppy. It is a symbol of imagination. Search Birthday Flower Delivery Near Me and send one of these flowers!

September Birth Flower

September has morning glory and aster as its birth flowers. Asters represent affection, wisdom, and all-powerful love; they are also called frost flowers or starworts. Morning glory is regarded as a symbol of unrequited love.

October Birth Flower

Cosmos and marigold are October’s birth month flowers. Cosmos signifies peace and tranquility. Marigold, with its golden bloom, is symbolic of passion, creativity, and fierce love. It also has medicinal qualities.

November Birth Flower

Chrysanthemum, November’s birth flower, is very bright and cheery. Austin floral shops have them in various colors and sizes. This flower signifies honesty and loyalty.

December Birth Flower

Narcissus and holly are December’s birth flowers. Narcissus flowers, famous for their trumpet-like center, represent wealth, good wishes, and hope. Holly signifies protection and defense and is very popular during holidays.

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