Flowers for a Summer Party in Austin TX

Summer season has its charms, but there are some beautiful Flowers for party decoration and gifts. Here at ParkCrest Floral Design in Austin TX we give you some ideas to throw a pretty summer party with flowers that will be remembered.

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The summer season graces us with warm rays, beautiful joys, and an abundance of vibrant flowers. It’s the perfect time to organize gatherings and embrace the beauty of the sunny weather with a joyous celebration. From garden parties and barbeques to pool parties and summer lunches, flowers are the best way to enhance the ambiance of any celebration. Here's a list of six exquisite blooms that will make your summer party lively and memorable like no other!


One of the most popular flowers of the summer season, sunflowers are a delightful way to create a striking, sunny presence at a party. Their cheerful radiance truly makes them stand out from the rest. With large, bold, rustic petals in vibrant hues, sunflowers instill a touch of sunshine in a party. You can use them for preparing visually appealing centerpieces or simply scatter them on party tables to give them a summery feel.


Hydrangeas are known for their delicate lush petals. They're a symbol of timeless grace and elegance that everyone admires. You can find these versatile blooms in a range of enchanting shades such as blue, lavender, white, and pink. This makes them a pleasant choice for any summer party. These voluminous flowers are a stunning addition to a decorative vase or any other floral arrangement. Park Crest floral offers summer flower delivery in Austin TX at a reasonable price.


Dahlias are a true masterpiece of mother nature. Their intricate structure and layered petals give rise to a bold and mesmerizing flower. You can find them in an array of sizes, shades, and shapes. So you can choose what suits your party decor best to create a magnificent display. From vibrant oranges, pinks, and reds, to soothing pastels and creamy whites, dahlias are a versatile pick for any summer event!


Lilies are the epitome of sheer elegance, innocence, and purity. Their graceful petals and trumpet structure make them a classic choice for both indoor as well as outdoor parties in the sunny season. The intoxicating scent of lilies creates an addictive sure that will allure all your guests. You can find lilies in various varieties and colors so you can choose from a gorgeous variety. Tip: Lilies create a striking display in tall vases.

Gerbera Daisies

If all that your party is missing is a pop of color, then Gerbera daisies are your best bet! These cheerful flowers are a wonderful choice for any summer party. They add a much-needed playful touch to celebrations that make them more lively and joyous. You can mix these captivating blooms with others to create a mixed arrangement or simply for a standalone display of the vibrant gerbera daisies.


If your summer party has a tropical theme and vibe, then the exotic hibiscus blooms are a stunning choice. They are available in a plethora of vibrant shades including pink, red, and orange to create the ambiance of a sunny paradise. Whether you float hibiscus in beautiful bowls or choose them as bright accents for floral arrangements, they will elevate the tropical ambiance of any summer party.

The enchanting presence, fresh scents, and vibrant hues of these summer flowers will add life to any party. This distinct variety of floral beauty mentioned above will allow you to choose from a range of options based on personal styles, party themes, color palettes, etc. So unlock this summery floral haven and make your upcoming party a memorable one! And for Austin TX flower delivery, try Park Crest Floral Design online flower shop. Visit their website now!

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